How soon before sunrise can you see?

Sunrise and civil twilight start table

City Sunrise Dawn Time mins before
Victoria, British Columbia7:56 am7:20 am37
Vancouver, British Columbia7:59 am7:22 am37
Portland, OR7:42 am7:08 am34
San Francisco, CA7:16 am6:47 am29
Seattle, WA7:49 am7:13 am36
San Diego, CA6:42 am6:15 am27
Edmonton, Alberta8:42 am7:59 am43
Phoenix, AZ7:26 am6:58 am28
Alburquerque, NM7:05 am6:37 am28
San Antonio, TX7:19 am6:53 am26
St. Louis, MO7:09 am6:40 am30
Chicago, IL7:09 am6:38 am31
Milton, Ontario7:43 am7:11 am33
Toronto, Ontario7:42 am7:09 am33
New York, NY7:11 am6:40 am31
Montreal, Quebec7:25 am6:51 am34
Boston, MA7:04 am6:32 am32
London, England7:57 am7:17 am40
Paris, France8:35 am7:58 am37
Oslo, Norway9:10 am8:13 am57

*Note: light outside defined as start of civil twilight.
mins before is the number of minutes before sunrise when it is no longer "dark" aka dawn.

Light Enough and Sunrise Times In Top Running Cities

The table above is the corrolary to our darkness after sunset page. The time you can first "see" outside is taken as the civil twilight start time or dawn. As with our sunset page, if you live in a different city you can use our interactive map tool to show sunset at any location using google maps.