How long after sunset does it take to get dark?

We try to answer this below. We all know it doesn't get dark right at sunset. There's still a few minutes left to do things. If your city isn't listed, try our interactive map.

Sunset and civil twilight table (10/19/2018)

City Sunset "Dark" mins till "dark"
Victoria, British Columbia6:15 pm6:47 pm32
Vancouver, British Columbia6:13 pm6:45 pm32
Portland, OR6:17 pm6:47 pm30
San Francisco, CA6:25 pm6:52 pm27
Seattle, WA6:12 pm6:43 pm31
San Diego, CA6:10 pm6:35 pm25
Edmonton, Alberta6:27 pm7:02 pm36
Phoenix, AZ5:45 pm6:11 pm26
Alburquerque, NM6:25 pm6:51 pm26
San Antonio, TX6:58 pm7:23 pm24
St. Louis, MO6:16 pm6:43 pm27
Chicago, IL6:02 pm6:30 pm28
Milton, Ontario6:29 pm6:58 pm29
Toronto, Ontario6:26 pm6:55 pm29
New York, NY6:09 pm6:36 pm28
Montreal, Quebec6:01 pm6:31 pm30
Boston, MA5:55 pm6:23 pm28
London, England5:56 pm6:30 pm34
Paris, France6:51 pm7:23 pm32
Oslo, Norway5:53 pm6:36 pm43

*Note: dark defined as end of civil twilight (sometimes called dusk)
mins till "dark" is the number of minutes until the dark/dusk time defined above.

Twilight and Sunset times in top running cities

How long after sunset does it take to get dark? The answer is really how much light does that represent? Luckily, they've calculated the angle the sun descends when it becomes too dark for most activities. It is called end of "civil twilight". We've labelled dark in the table above at the time when civil twilight ends. This is essentially when it is too dark to run or do anything outside without a torch.

We list the sunset time on today's date for a few selected cities with good running above. Although in good moonlight, you can run at any time, please make sure to run safely. We recommend to run on roads well before sunset as sunset is when visibility is lowest in a car. Near sunset is a great time to hit the track.